online coaching and accountability 

My online programs are designed with the participant in mind. I offer safe lifting programs and cardiovascular workouts that support a healthy, balanced life. The program is simple, yet challenging and is designed to make you feel strong and powerful every day. Beyond the workouts, however, I’ll be right there with you, checking in with you often during the week to provide encouragement and answer questions.


    Is this program for you? 

The Newbie

Do you want to begin exercising again or for the first time? Have you been without a fitness routine for awhile, or forever? With my support, I’ll help you make fitness a part of your healthy lifestyle. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in a gym setting, or just don’t know the first thing about working out, I will provide the support you’re looking for.

If you are a newbie, this program is for you.

 The Gym Goer

Do you have experience in the gym but need some fresh ideas and some accountability to keep you moving forward? Do you feel like your workouts have gotten stale, or that you don’t have a plan once you get in the gym?  I’ll provide a plan for you to keep you focused in the gym and the accountability to help you feel supported along the way.

If you are a regular gym goer, this program is for you.


  Program cost:

 5 days of programming: $150 for 4 weeks.

 3 days of programming: $100 for 4 weeks.

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