Lucy S. 

"I initially met Cheryl early 2011. I was starting to get more serious with triathlon training but had issues with minor injuries. I reached out to Cheryl and she was very open to discussing various ways we could improve core and stability. Needless to say, I've been injury free since then! Cheryl is kind, patient and knows when to push you and when not to push you. She adapts quickly to the individual and never trains any one client the same as the other. She's a great motivator, great trainer and most of all has become a great friend!"

Katie W.

"Training with Cheryl is more than I could have ever asked for. Not only does she provide a very individualized workout to push you towards your goals, but she provides support beyond the gym. She will take the time to ensure you are on track with your goals throughout the week or month. She is an incredibly compassionate and fun personal trainer. I never dread going to the gym on workout days with her, and I always feel great when I leave - could not ask for more."

Julie P. 

"Cheryl gets to know you, your goals and your capabilities.  I've been working through a hip injury and Cheryl makes it a priority to reduce my risk of further injury while giving me a complete and challenging workout.  I have tried other trainers in the past but I have been working out with Cheryl for almost 2 years now because of her commitment to my health during and after our sessions.  Cheryl encourages me to push myself when I would have given up had I worked out alone.  Cheryl dedicates time to new and creative workouts so each session works new muscles and helps me achieve my fitness goals."


"I've been training with Cheryl since November 2016 and I've noticed a vast difference in my strength and confidence.

Jess K. 

The {online coaching} program was AMAZING for me. I gained strength I didn't know I had and focused on things I had long forgotten to focus on. The workouts are straightforward enough, that I never felt lost in any gym. They are also challenging which I really appreciate.  I have to travel a little bit for work, and I could adjust these routines anywhere.

Cheryl was ready to answer all my various nutrition questions as well and gave me helpful pointed advice. I love her approach to nutrition, it's not restrictive, it's conscientious, which is what works best for me. 

Cheryl always treats me like and old friend. I feel so much more confident going into any gym and knowing that if I don't know what to do, I could send a quick text, or reference the app, or, if she's free, wave her over to ask a question.. I'm a huge fan of hers, I have the t-shirt to prove it. ;)


contact: 816.728.5353